Traditional Spanish Paella

Chicken, Chorizo, Fresh Water Prawns, Tiger Prawns, Surimi Squid, Green Bay & Shelled Mussels,

Tomatoes, Peas & Calasparra (Spanish short-grain) Rice.

Flavoured With Herbs, Spices, Fish, Chicken Stock & White Wine.


Paella De Pollo Calabacines Y Romero

Chicken Cooked With Zucchini, Rosemary and Serrano Ham.


Paella De Gambas Con Curry

Curried King Prawn Paella Cooked With Thai Curry and Coconut Milk.


King Gambas (Prawns)

Gambas Cooked Shell on With Rosemary and ginger finished With fresh Lemon.


Vegetarian Paella

A Filling Paella-Style Dish of Vegetables & Rice.

Flavoured in the same way without Fish & Chicken Stock


Food Served Buffet Style


This Menu Includes:

A Chef To Cook Your Paella ‘From Scratch’ At Your Venue.

A Serving Table Laid With Crisp Linen, Disposable Plates and Napkins

Any Left Over Meat To Be Served On A Platter.

All Our Rubbish To Be Cleared Away Discretely And Taken Off Site.


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